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  2. Counting prompts

    Hi, I have just completed the introduction course and am still working out how NVivo works. Some of the coding happens by dragging the words or phrases into a node. My understanding is, that NVivo counts the amounts of words/phrases under a specific node. What if I don't want to code this way but simply want to count the amount of prompt. For example if I have 10 questions in an interview, I want to count the amount of questions that had prompts in them, out of 10.Can I do that without dragging the prompted responses into a node? This way, later I can see that John, for example, had 3 out of 10 questions prompted and Jennie 9 our of 10. I would also like to be able to calculate percentage of prompted answers, calculated as 100 times the number of responses which included a negative attribution only after participant was prompted divided by the total number of prompted items. So for example, if a participant was prompted on 5 items and made a negative attribution on 4 of those items, their sensitivity prompts would be 4/5x100 = 80% . Is this possible to compute in Nvivo? Finally, if a node has 10 child nodes, each counting prompts in specific questions, how can I count total prompts across all questions in the parent node, gathering this info from all its child nodes? Thank you. Poli
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  4. Hi guys, I accidentally deleted my entire project! although I still have a backup file( .nvb) I guess....how can I recover my project from there, does anyone know how ? PLZ help
  5. Hi I installed NVivo a few weeks back and it worked fine. I've just tried to open it to start a new project but it doesn't open at all and instead pops up with the error message "NVivo 11 has stopped working - A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program". I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it and I've rebooted my computer twice but it still pops up with the same error (below). I've also made sure it has the latest updates so not sure why it's still not working. Please help... [Window Title] NVivo 11 [Main Instruction] NVivo 11 has stopped working [Content] A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program. I’ve rebooted my computer twice, uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it’s still not opening
  6. Hi all! I'm new here and quite new to Nvivo as well. Over the past couple of week I have been working at coding interviews according to a well established coding tree. I now need to create framework matrices with interviews in the rows and themes and sub-theme as columns. In order to do I need to create case nodes for each of the interview. However, when I do there is no trace of the coding I have done on the interviews. In the case nodes the appeared to have only one code and one reference. The procedure I used to create case nodes for each interview was: -when in 'source' - 'internals' -selected the relevant documents- right click on the mouse -'create as' -'create as casee' Does anyone know what I could possibly do wrong and how I can fix the issue? How can I produce the matrices without coding everything from the start? Many thanks for any advice you may provide
  7. Export codes per paragraph

    Hi Sameer, thanks for the reply. The way you describe is exactly the way that I am doing it right now. I am coding each paragraph as a case, use the nodes as codes and run a matrix query afterwards. It is unfortunate and a lot of work but at least it can be done. It would be great if the automatic coding feature could be available for Mac though. Best Alex
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  9. Welcome

    Hi there, I've coded several PDF files in NVivo for Mac version 11.4 and want to run a coding query. I've chosen the selected folder where the pdf files are located and have selected the coding nodes in the "coding query" window. However, when I click on "run the query" no results are reported back. What do you think the problem might be? Regards; Mehdi
  10. Export codes per paragraph

    Hello Alex, Unfortunately there is no way to automate NVivo for Mac to do this. You may manually code each paragraph to nodes and name them as paragraph 1...2 and so on and run the Matrix coding query by adding the sources as rows and the coded nodes as columns. Please note that if you have access to NVivo Plus for Windows you can use the Auto code based on source structure feature which would help automate the coding for paragraphs. Please refer to http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/concepts/about_automatic_coding_techniques.htm#MiniTOCBookMark3 for more information. Kind regards, Sameer
  11. Three dimension (variables) Matrix Query

    Solved it!!!! I will write back soon with the answer Thanks a lot!!!
  12. Three dimension (variables) Matrix Query

    Hello Bhupesh Thanks in advance for your guidance and support. No success. I have not been able to sort that out. Is it possible to share a file with you for you to check it out? I think it is easier like that, as it might take a lot of chats to explain in detail what is my problem. Kind regards Juan
  13. In our project we uploaded transcripts with both interviewer questions and interviewee responses. How can we run a word frequency analysis that excludes the interviewer's questions? In other words, our transcripts were Word docs in which we created headings, so we had one heading for the interviewer and other headings for the interview subject(s). We imported these transcripts into "internals," thinking we could auto code and identify text to exclude. But we now understand that auto coding is not a function of the Mac version of NVivo. Is there any other way for a Mac user to create accurate word clouds or word frequencies that will exclude the interviewer text?
  14. Thanks for letting me know -- do you know if this feature is available on the Windows 11 version of NVIVO?
  15. Export codes per paragraph

    Hi everyone, I have a very specific analysis question to which I was not able to find an answer yet so I hope that you will be able to help me out here. I have conducted 11 interviews in total (lasting between 40 and 60 minutes) which I transcribed into text and entered into NVivo as internal sources with one interview being one source. Me and a colleague are currently in the process of coding these interviews using a coding scheme that consists of 9 codes (nodes) with 3 to 8 sub-codes. Everything seemed to be working great so far (the coding itself as well as testing for inter-coder reliability) until we tried to run some initial queries which do not seem to be able to do what I would like to do. In particular I am trying to achieve the following: I want to know which codes occurred together in each paragraph of the interviews. It would thus be great if it would be possible to create e.g. an Excel export where each paragraph of each interview represents a line and each code (node) represents a column with the respective fields containing a 1 if the code appeared in that paragraph and a 0 if it didnt. The result should at best look something like this: I managed to create a result like this but only for each interview as a whole using Matrix queries. I also managed to pull together each paragraph that contains say Code1a and Code1b but that would require a lot of work afterwards to arrive at the previously shown matrix because I would have to find those paragraphs by hand. Also since our coding scheme is quite large it would not really be feasible to try any possible combination. I also thought about using the coding stripes and doing the transition manually but I would rather try to find an automated solution instead. I hope it became clear what I am trying to achieve and I hope that you can help me there. Thank you very much in advance Alex
  16. In my node list view, the number of sources coded and number of coding references are both 1 for each of the 100 nodes. Each of the 100 nodes were only coded once e.g. while going through the 10 pdfs, I only coded the first occurrence of "client" and did not code any other "client" words which were encountered. It seems that NVivo does not include these duplicate words which have not been coded and they do not appear in the number of coding references column. Is there a way to include them?
  17. Three dimension (variables) Matrix Query

    Hi Juan, You should be able to select the third variable(secondary education node) by setting the scope of the query(by clicking Select in front of In, when running the query). Refer to instructions under 'running matrix query outside wizard' section in the link below: http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/run_a_matrix_coding_query.htm I hope this helps. Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  18. Hi, This information is available in node List View where in front of node name, you can see the number of sources coded and number of coding references across all sources. You can also export your node list to Excel or Word. Refer to the links below: http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/concepts/introducing_the_workspace.htm http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/export_nodes.htm#MiniTOCBookMark6 I hope this helps. Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  19. Hi Sue, When a Facebook dataset is imported into NVivo, it identifies various fields as Codable or Classifying. Codable fields have a white background and items in this field can only be coded. Refer to the link below: http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/basic_coding_in_dataset_sources.htm Let me know if you are referring to coding images. Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  20. Hello I am working with newspaper data and making a content analysis (With NvivoPro 11). I have information for 12 years of data (2002-2014), and I have already classified my data in 28 categories. In the content analysis, I generated a node for secondary education and another one for university (I did this during the content analysis because I did not know these attributes in advance). I want to run a Matrix Query to see the distribution of news by year and by category, but only for secondary education. It is to say; I want to see, for each year, the categories that I found for only one type of education (secondary). Can you please guide me with this procedure? I have not found how to make a Matrix Query using three (not only two) variables at a time: year, category and type of education (secondary). Kind regards Juan D Parra
  21. Coding highlight remains after uncoding

    Hi Nicholas, This is indeed very odd. Could you please submit a support request via the link below & attach your project file for investigation? http://www.qsrinternational.com/customer-support Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  22. Coding highlight remains after uncoding

    So I believe, after playing around a bit more, that what is happening is that for some reason it is preserving the highlighting for user coding even when there is no coding in that area. When I select "highlight coding for all nodes" and then uncode at all nodes, a highlight remains. But when I choose to just check nodes in selected item highlights, the box disappears. However when I select "users" from selected items (there is only 1 use for this project) the box returns even though there is no coding there. Very odd behaviour. Is there any way to prevent this?
  23. Hello. I have imported 10 pdfs as my source data (internal source) and have gone through each pdf and coded various terms at a node (I have 100 nodes). Is it possible to find out how many times each of the 100 nodes appear across all pdfs? I am looking for something similar to below: Code No. of times code appears across all source pdfs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. user interface 21 2. technical 17 (codes 3 to 99 excluded to be concise) 100. client 9 I have tried running a Coding Query across all source data and included all codes but it does not give the desired output as above. I have also checked Word Frequency but it does not give you an option to specify the codes to search for across all source data. Is it possible to get the number of times each code appears across all source data?
  24. Hi Yaz, You can create new nodes representing broader categories. Then move your existing nodes as child nodes of broader parent nodes. Refer to the link below: http://help-nv11mac.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/reorder_and_refine_nodes.htm#MiniTOCBookMark5 You can aggregate all the coding references from the child nodes at the parent node by turning Aggregation on. Refer to the link below: http://help-nv11mac.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/aggregate_nodes.htm I hope this helps. Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  25. Hi Robin, It is unusual that project file has suddenly disappeared. Was it accidentally deleted? If not, were you accessing it from a network drive or an online storage such as Dropbox? I have attached a corrupt dummy project to help you recover the project from the nvb file. Download and save this file to your computer and then attempt to open it in NVivo. You will be presented with an option to recover from a project recovery file. Select your nvb file to recover the project. Kind Regards, Bhupesh NV10CorruptProject(for restoring project backups).nvp
  26. Hi Sue The following links will teach you how to code images/items which do not have text. http://help-nv10.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/basic_coding_in_picture_sources.htm http://help-nv11mac.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/basic_coding_in_picture_sources.htm Hope this helps
  27. Hello, I am coding a series of PDFs using the selection tool. I recently had to adjust some coding so I needed to uncode a section and then re-code it. Unfortunately, a highlight box remains around the coded section even when there are no codes left when any sort of highlight is selected. It goes away, however, when I turn off highlighting totally. I've had to do this innumerable times in the past and the highlighting has always disappeared. This seems only to persist for some coding and not other parts. I've attached a screenshot of the issue showing the highlighting persisting despite the absence of all coding strips. I've tried to troubleshoot through importing my project to a fresh file or tsting on multiple documents but the problem persists. As we plan to eventually share the highlighted PDFs publicly it would be good to not have any erroneous highlighting leftover after changes.
  28. Now I realised what 'Display plain text' does, I had to switch back off because I need the formatting. I don't run Nvivo on a network but the file is stored in a Dropbox folder for added backing up. If that complicates things, I can keep the master .nvp file in a non-Dropbox folder and create copies on Dropbox. I do appreciate that autosaving huge files may not be a good idea, but some sort of incremental autosaving may be efficient enough. At the moment, reminders are just annoying and switching them off is asking for trouble, particularly when the setup is not very reliable. For now, I just hit Ctrl+S every few minutes and I will keep my setup hoping Nvivo won't crash. So far, so good. Incidentally, given the potentially sensitive nature of the data, encrypting the .nvp file on-the-fly, particularly when it is stored on the cloud, will be great. I know we can use third-party encryption for that.
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