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  2. Every time I try to open a project (started by someone else), I get the following error: At first, I thought it might have to do with the fact that the project was created in NVIVO 10 and I am using NVIVO 11, so I downloaded the trial version of NVIVO 10 but got the same error. Clicking repair just says the file could not be repaired. Is this a case of a corrupt file or is there something wrong with my installation of the software?
  3. Hi Bhupesh Apologies if the reference that I suggested from maxQDA is not what I intended to request. Here is a more detailed explanation. I was thinking of something like this...I.e. import a Microsoft Excel file with all the "Text Search Options" pre-populated and then run a 'batch' command to loop through each search item (see below and also attached). If the search options are the same for all the search criteria, one could pre-specify the options/criteria in NVivo text search window and then just import or add a list of the node Items, description and search criteria as a .csv file. I guess this would have to be a feature request, and would appreciate your help in putting it through the channels. My PhD depends on this, as I have 1000's of text searches to run and code, and it is taking forever to do these by hand and wayy too late to change to another platform or do my analysis outside of NVivo. Once they are coded it would be easy to copy/paste them from the results folder to the relevant node. Much Appreciated Walter NodeItemName NodeDescription SearchCriteria ScopeAll ScopeOption ScopeItems (csv) SpreadOptionLevel SpreadValue SaveOptions Aristotle Greek Philosophers Aristotle FALSE Source (0) "Source 1", "Source 2", "Source 3", etc None (0) 0 No (0) Epicurius Greek Philosophers Epicurius FALSE Memo (1) "Source 1", "Source 2", "Source 3", etc Coding Ref (1) 0 Yes (1) Plato Greek Philosophers Plato OR Homer FALSE Node (2) "Source 1", "Source 2", "Source 3", etc Narrow (2) 0 Yes (1) Cicero Greek Philosophers Cicero FALSE Case (3) "Source 1", "Source 2", "Source 3", etc Broad (3) 5 Yes (1) St.Thomas Italian Philosophers "St Thomas" ~1 TRUE All (9) None Custom (4) 100 Yes (1) Socrates Greek Philosophers Socrates TRUE None (99) None Entire (5) 101 Yes (1) NVivo12BatchSearchOptions.xlsx
  4. Hi Jose, I believe I've already responded to you via email. If not, could you please submit a support request via the link below? Kind Regards, Bhupesh
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  6. Two analysts coded the same text separately to be able to calculate inter-rater reliability. However, when I merged their two projects, the resulting number of references duplicated, as each of them coded the same piece of text in a similar way. For example, they both coded "I find it difficult to write about what I feel" as "STUDENT'S DIFFICULTIES". The problem is that NVivo says there are TWO references there, but the truth is there is only one. How can I merge duplicated references to get a more reliable quantification? Many thanks for your help Federico Universidad de Chile (Chile); CONICET (Argentina)
  7. Hi, I need to deactivate the license on all the computers, because I will go to transfer NVivo from one computer to another, but I not deactivated the license on the original computer. I uninstalled NVIVO on the original computer.
  8. Hello, I would like to some advice on counting the number of references that are coded at a particular node. I know that I can just click on the node and a count will appear for that node, but is there a way to account for cross-coded references? In other words, I would like to know how many references from my source have been coded overall, which I am having difficulty calculating because many references are coded to more than one node, so if I just count up all of the references that are coded at each node, I will inevitably end up double- or triple-counting some references. If my question is unclear, please let me know, and I'd be happy to try clarifying. Thank you so much for your help. Elisabeth
  9. Hi, Is this a pre-defined classification or something you have created yourself / gotten from someone else? Have the values always been in Chinese, or were they previously in English? Can you also please check your project language to make sure it is not in Chinese? Cheers, Tane
  10. Hi Wouter, JHP's advice is probably what we would recommend as well. You could also try installing a codec pack, and if you would like I can provide you with some more information about that, but the safest option is probably to re-save the mobile audio files using something like VLC, which should 'clean' the files. Cheers, Tane
  11. Using NVIVO 10.0.641x on Windows 10. The quick coding bar does not appear in full at bottom of screen, but is rather cut off half way. There is no way to resize it. I have disable display scaling for high DPI. Is there a way to make the quick coding bar work?
  12. I seem to have a problem with attribute values, which should be in English but are in Chinese. A language I do not understand unfortunately.
  13. I am planning a content analysis using NVivo - I have observations in 2 separate excel spreadsheets with unique identifiers [one unique identifier per participant ie the same identifier in each dataset] but the data in one excel spreadsheet has full question answers for most but not all participants, and the second excel spreadsheet has precoded results on half of the answered questions. I have done most of my work on the second dataset as I did not realise it had been precoded until I got to that section of the data and found out it has real issues in the coding having been done by someone assigning numbers to each different answer instead of themes, so I am left with a list of >100 numbers in those data variables instead of the text answers. I need to redo all their coding in NVivo from the raw data in the first spreadsheet, but cannot see how to merge the uncoded responses into the second dataset - in both datasets the question names are identical, the unique identifiers are identical but the first dataset is not 100% the same (eg 2 questions missing or 6 participants missing for a site) so I get discrepancies when trying to merge the datasets in excel prior to importing into NVivo. Is anybody more familiar with NVivo and can give me a pointer how to solve this problem?
  14. Hi Wouter, I got the same problem recently, after worries and inquiries I found that the problem was my audio recorder...especially the ruined files were those converted to mp3. So try recording directly into mp3 format or convert them from your computer instead of your android phone. I hope it will help. Good luck
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  16. Hi all! I have a question. I have been trying to load six interviews into my project, and everything works well except for the fact that they are only partially loaded into the program. Only the first two interview is fully loaded in: Interview 1: took 1:51:26, NViVo loads 1:51:26 Interview 2: took 1:40:31, NViVo loads 1:40:31 Interview 3: took 0:56:08, NViVo loads 0:41:32 Interview 4: took 1:05:35, NViVo loads 0:47:03 Interview 5: took 0:40:57, NViVo loads 0:30:06 Interview 6: took 0:26:57, NViVo loads 0:19:37 I recorded the interviews with the standard voice recorder on an Android phone (Samsung) and afterwards converted the files to MP3. What can I do to make this work?
  17. When doing some matrix coding I note that the Mac version produces the Node Matrix with rows (respondent attributes) and columns (nodes), however it only supplies the raw data. It would be nice to have the percentages in there like the windows version. Cheers.
  18. Ditto. Not a big issue but a frustrating one even in Nvivo for Mac 11.4.0 Cheers.
  19. Hi Tane Thank you for replying. I did what you mentioned, but added an extra step, which was to set a filter option to filter only the cases that are assigned the attribute 'administrator'. Under the Advanced Filter option, I chose Node -->Coded at-->Selected nodes. I then selected only the cases I wanted (which were the administrators). I then ran the filter, selected all the possible items that could be selected (from Internals down to Search Folders), checked the option "include related data" and did the export. The resulting project file gave me only the nodes and cases. The sources in my Internals folder was not exported and therefore, none of the coding was exported. I think the problem lies with the filtering option but I don't know how else I can selectively select only the nodes, cases and sources that I want.
  20. I was just wondering if anyone could offer some advice regarding the NVivo Expert and Certified Trainer courses if I said a little more about my situation. I've been using NVivo pretty constantly for multiple projects over the past 10 years including my PhD and several Research Assistant and Associate roles. I've attended two or three NVivo training courses over the years although I'm aware that for my studies I haven't generally made use of the latest features of the software. In my organisation I've ended up doing some fairly informal training sessions on NVivo basically, this is how I use Nvivo, I'm keen to formalise this a bit and would like to be able to offer more structured introductions to the software and help with troubleshooting and project design. I'm wondering if a) the Expert and Certified Trainer courses are appropriate for me and b)anyone would be willing to share their experience of these courses - in particular how much work they both entail (in terms of assignments/ hours?). Any thoughts much appreciated.
  21. Hi Liz, In order to convert a project file across platforms they will need to be the same major version. NVivo 10 for Mac to NVivo 10 for Windows is possible, but not NVivo 10 for Mac to NVivo 11 for Windows. To convert the file, it will either need to be converted with NVivo 10 for Windows, or first converted with NVivo for Mac (Version 11) after which you should be able to convert it with NVivo 11 for Windows without issue. I hope this helps. Cheers, Tane
  22. Hi, In this situation it sounds like what you are wanting to do is exporting selected items to a new project file. What you can do is export your relative sources and ensure that the option Include related data is selected to include the related data. Please note that you may have to also include all of your nodes if you want the coding to come across. I hope this helps. Cheers, Tane
  23. Hi, You can click and drag to move a node to a new location. The operation to click and drag may not work as intended as you first need to select the node, and then click and drag. You can move the node by doing the following. 1. Click the existing node to select it. 2. Click and drag the existing node to what you want to be the new parent. When over the parent node, the cursor should be a white cursor with a little rectangle below it. 3. Release the mouse button, and the selected node should now be moved to a parent of the node you had your cursor over. I hope this helps. Cheers, Tane
  24. Hello, I work with NVivo10 on my home Mac. However, I'd like to export my projects to my university laptop to show my PhD supervisor from time to time. However, the IT team at my university say they can only install NVivo 11 for windows on my laptop. When I try to convert my Mac project to NVivo 11 for Windows, I get a message telling me it can't convert a project from an older version. Is there any way around this? I'm waiting to hear from the contact at my university to see if I can get NVivo 11 on my Mac, then perhaps the conversion will be possible. But she's away at the moment so I'm not going to get an answer for a while. Anybody else experiencing this issue? Liz
  25. Thanks to QSR support team. They confirm that the "jumping" is a known bug in NVivo 10 for Mac.
  26. How do I move an existing node so it becomes child of a different existing node? I want text coded at the first existing node to remain that way, but I want to organize that node as a child of a different node. Thank you! AM
  27. Hi I have a project that is still being coded. Each of my source file has been created as a case with attributes. The source files in in the internals folder are arranged this way: School A - Interviews - FGDs - Observations School B - Interviews - FGDs - Observations etc, for 7 schools. In each interview/FGD/Observation folder are sources for teachers, students and administrators. I need to split the project into the different groups - one project file for teachers, one project file for students and one project file for admin. How can I do that without creating 3 copies of the project file and manually deleting the sources one by one? Each of my source has already been created as a case with the attribute "position" that can be assigned as teacher, student or admin. I explored the Filter--> Advanced option when I tried to export the project but I am not able to export all the sources, nodes, cases and coding together. Thanks.
  28. How silly of me! When I was using the FAQs through NVivo it hot-linked me to the portion at the bottom of the page, so I didn't read what came before it. I appreciate it!
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