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counting tweets PDF data set

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Looking for help again still new to this whole thing


I am trying to find a way to properly count individual tweets from a series of PDFS which were directly ripped from Twitter.


I have two questions in this post actually,


1) is there a way to convert those PDF datasets of Tweets into an excel file?


2) if not, is there an easier way to count individual tweets in order to get a sense of how many tweets I have collected, besides having to count them one by one which will take ages, given the dataset size. I.e is there a query that I could pose in the PDFS to get a number of tweets? I collected an entire days worth of tweets that use a particular hashtag and I am looking to get a sense of how many tweets occur per day that use this hashtag (or, conversely, how many times in the whole week people are tweeting)

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