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In NVivo 10 (Windows), I could pull up a checklist of nodes, select text to code, then check the applicable nodes. In NVivo 11 (Plus), I'm only able to pull up that list by selecting text to be coded, clicking on quick coding, clicking on the ellipses following "code at" and then selecting the appropriate codes. This makes for very inefficient coding. Is there a way to get that "checkable" node list to stay visible for ongoing use? Ideally I'd have that checklist at my side, select text for coding, click the relevant code(s), click apply or return, then move on to next bit of text to be coded. I sure hope this is still possible in some way and I'm just missing it. Please advise! Thanks.

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Your query seems to indicate that you were able to bring up the 'checkable' list without selecting text or a source in NVivo 10. Could you provide me a screenshot and advise me the method you use to bring up the check list in NVivo 10?


I look forward to your reply.




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Hi Bhupesh,

Thanks for your reply. After upgrading to NVivo 11, I uninstalled NVivo 10. But as I recall, in NVivo 10, one could click on Analyze > Coding > Existing Nodes, and a dialogue box with a checkable list of nodes would appear - and stay on the screen through subsequent coding unless manually closed. IU went back to the NVivo 10 Getting Started Guide and found the following on p. 23, which may capture or at least hint at what I'm thinking of:


3. Drag the selected content to the node.

You can also code by:
• Clicking options on the ribbon—on the Analyze tab, in the Coding group, click Existing Nodes.

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Hi cmp,


In NVivo 10 there are two Existing Nodes options on the Analyze tab. One of these options is for selected text, and will appear greyed out unless you select some text. The other option is coding the selected source. What this will do is code the entire source to the node. Clicking the button will display the Select Project Items checkbox, but while this is active you can’t interact with anything else in the project. You are unable to keep this window active and continue to code at the same time.


It’s possible you may be remembering the Quick Coding bar, which you can find more information about here:




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