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Hi All


I'm quite new to Nvivo so apologies if this issue is answered elsewhere, my searches have so far proved fruitless.


I am trying to create a matrix to compare the number of times two different types of themes are mentioned by my interview participants, in other words when 2 nodes appear in the same case.


My case study is looking at an environmental policy intervention FYI.


In my rows I have selected theme A - the impacts experienced, for example 'My business profits decreased' or 'Nothing changed for me'

In my column I have theme B - evaluations of the project e.g. 'The project was a waste of money' or 'the project was good for the community'


I want to know how many people think both 'My business profits decreased' AND 'The project was a waste of money'. I have already classified them into cases.


When I run this query it only shows me when these two codes overlap in the same statement (exact same text), not when they appear in the same interview.


If anyone could help me I would be forever grateful.


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Matrix coding query shows the number of overlaps between the selected items in the rows and columns.

To display the number of cases in the Matrix query coding results, you can change the ‘Cell Content’ by right clicking in the query results and selecting Cell Content -> Cases Coded -> <<name of the classification assigned to Cases>>

The result will now display the number of cases - as opposed to coding references - for each overlapping coding reference in the query result.

Refer to the link below for more information:



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Thanks Sameer


I had already done this, but this still only shows me the overlap between the two coded references when they occur at the same time ie when the codes overlap on the same sentence

It does not include instances where a person has mentioned the themes I am comparing at different times during an interview.


I am still without a solution to this problem and would greatly appreciate some more assistance.

Warmest regards

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You can modify the matrix query so that instead of searching for overlaps, it searches for the content in the same interview. To make this change, you can click on Node Matrix tab in Matrix Query, choose Near Content under Search Criteria. Then click Options and set the Proximity to In Same Scope Item.


Refer to the link below for detailed information on different criteria in queries:




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