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Good morning,


I am a newbie in the NVivo world, and I am encountering difficulties in exploring the text of some scientific papers.

In detail, I analyzed the co-occurrences of couples of keywords graphically by building word trees. Results were quite interesting and insightful, but I was wondering if there is a way to figure out the numerical frequency of such co-occurrences. Unfortunately, my current poor skills are hampering me.



Thank you for your valuable help





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Hi D,


Probably the easiest way to do this would be to run a more advanced text search query using the two words you are interested in. There are a number of special operators you can use when running a text search query within NVivo and these will allow you to search for your two words either when they occur together, or when they occur within a specified proximity from each other.


If you’re wanting to find the two words when they occur together, you can use the ‘AND’ operator, so your search term would be “wordA AND wordB” or “wordA && wordB”.


If you were wanting to find your words when they occur within a set proximity of each other you can use a tilde (~) to specify your proximity. Eg. “WordA wordB”~10 would return references where word A and word B are found within 10 words of each other.


You can find more information about the special operators you can use when working with text search queries in NVivo at the following:




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Dear Heather,



thank you for your detailed answer. Unfortunately, by carefully reading my previous post, maybe I was not able to explain what I had in mind. Thus, I will try to reformulate my question in a less unspecific way.


I run some queries for analyzing the co-occurrences of a set of keywords. Such keywords were coupled by means of the AND operator, according to the boolean logic. Results from each query were graphically analyzed through the pertinent couple word trees. Anyway, I would like to enrich such graphical results with a numerical result, that is, the frequency of these co-occurrences. In detail, my current problem is the following one:


I have two keywords: KeywordA, KeywordB. I define a proximity threshold equal to n, and I search for "KeywordA AND KeywordB" in a specified set of papers by means of the word tree function. Then, I would like to check for the number of times this co-occurrence (KeywordA AND KeywordB with proximity equal to n) occurs: "How could I figure out the frequency of such co-occurrence?". Therefore, the output I'm searching for is a number, because I would like to perform a sensitivity analysis to observe how this frequency varies by changing the proximity threshold.



Hoping to have been clear, I look forward to reading your answer and I apologize for the previous misunderstanding


Best regards



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Hi Destec,


Thanks for clarifying.


The summary tab of Text Search query results provides the count of co-occurrence in each source. However, it doesn't seem possible to find the count from Word Tree itself.


I hope this helps.




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