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About QSR Forum

The QSR Forum allows visitors to access a wealth of information - from the latest thinking in qualitative research, to innovations in QSR software and its use.
It brings together qualitative researchers and users of QSR software products from around the world, including commentators, developers, distributors and teachers.

You Choose How and When to Participate

This online forum gives you the flexibility to choose how and when you participate. Features include:

  • Multiple forums - You can pick and choose which topics you wish to be involved in. You can even ask to set up a specific software or research related topic you wish to discuss with peers.
  • Discussion archive - Have a question but want to see if it has been asked before? Forum discussions going back to 1995 are available. You can view these and search them, and reintroduce past messages back into the new forums at any time.
  • Calendar of Events - You can easily find out about workshops, conferences or training events on QSR software anywhere in the world.
  • My Control - This is similar to Microsoft Outlook, in that it is an area of the Forum where users can manage their participation and organize the data that is of interest to them. Features include a messenger menu (inbox, sent items), a note pad, and personal profile area. For example, you can choose to receive responses to a Forum topic via email.
  • My Assistant - This offers a snap shot of discussions posted since you last visited.

Why Join?

QSRs Forum delivers benefits to all kinds of qualitative researchers from those working on long term projects in academia, to those working within commercial market research environments.

  • Find out about new and different methodologies using QSR software
  • Get tips and advice on use of QSR software features and tools
  • Have a say on future QSR software development
  • Join a network of researchers and meet other members who are in a similar research field
  • Chat with QSR software trainers and consultants near you
  • Make new industry contacts (supplier and client-side)
  • Use the community noticeboard

For further information on Forum features, QSR's privacy statement, or for assistance with using the Forum, go to the Help menu located at the top of the screen.