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  1. Help! Coding technique - long list of nodes!

    Thank you Heather - that change of view is a massive help!!
  2. Mac or Windows Version

    Thanks Jaqui, much appreciated!
  3. Coding seems very laborious! I have long list of codes, which means the window with the transcript is small or the window with the nodes is small. Either way means lots of scrolling. Is there a way around this? E.g. changing the position of the node window? Are there any good short cuts? I'm using the mac version but could run the windows version using parallels if it makes it much easier Thanks
  4. Mac or Windows Version

    I would really appreciate some advice on whether to use the Mac or Windows edition from someone who has used both. It's for PhD research involving the analysis of 30 interviews each 90 minutes long. The analysis consists of thematic analysis and qualitative content analysis. I'd like to use a fair amount of visualisations and charts for the analysis. I've listed below the main points of comparison that seem mostly relevant to me. There are only a few things that seem to be glaringly missing on the Mac edition that I would like, but I'm wondering if there are work around's that I am not aware of? 1. Coding Is the Mac / Windows version slicker/better 2. Charts This seems to be where the Mac version seems to fall short for me. Mac only has hierarchy charts, Windows also has charts. Bar, pie, bubble, heat maps, all look very useful, nearing on essential. With the hierarchy charts does it provide the numerical data (or is it just visual, I presume not!) e.g.will it provide the percentage breakdown of coding at each particular node? The spread of all the coding? 2. Queries Mac's queries seems extensive enough for me 3. Maps Mac only has mind maps while Windows adds concept maps and project map. I'm not particularly interested in the project map, but the concept maps looks useful. However, the mind map quite similar and able to act as a decent substitute? Other Windows also has additional diagrams (cluster analaysis and comparison diagrams), social network analysis, and automated insights - but I think I can do without these. Also are there any practicalities I'm missing? Is the Mac version slicker, more enjoyable to work with? Thanks!
  5. I was unable to open a project and QSR's support team suggested I install service pack 6 which can help repair projects. I did and now I can't open NVivo 10 at all. I get a pop-up saying "NVivo 10 has stopped working." Help greatly appreciated!
  6. When I try to open a project I get the message "Open Project Failure." I've attached a screen shot. What is the problem and is there a way around it? The project has all my data.