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  1. Thanks a lot, your support is among the best!
  2. Hi guys, I accidentally deleted my entire project! although I still have a backup file( .nvb) I guess....how can I recover my project from there, does anyone know how ? PLZ help
  3. Audio files do not fully load

    Hi Wouter, I got the same problem recently, after worries and inquiries I found that the problem was my audio recorder...especially the ruined files were those converted to mp3. So try recording directly into mp3 format or convert them from your computer instead of your android phone. I hope it will help. Good luck
  4. Hello Chris, I have exactly the same problem, moreover I have one mp3 file cut off before its real end, I mean I have a mp3 file with a length of 28 minutes verified with windows media player and NVivo tells me it's 23,2 minutes long! and refuses to add a timespan even if it continues to play the invisible part from the wave form from NVivo...